How we Can Help You.....

At Offshore Fortress we believe in offering you a complete plan to achieve your goals.

Every client has a different set of circumstances and goals.

What we can help you with:


  • Reducing your tax rate to zero

  • Building an Offshore Fortress to secure your assets and protect them from predators

  • Setting up Offshore Special Purpose Vehicles to secure a specific asset

  • Reducing your business tax rate to zero in high tax jurisdictions

  • Opening bank accounts in the strongest banks, in the safest jurisdictions

  • Residency in a new Country

  • Obtaining a Second Passport

  • Maintaining Your Privacy


All of our services are 100% legal. Given the nature of our services we don’t offer any off the shelf buy it now type products.

The first step is to have a confidential conversation with you. We’ll do it on a secure messaging service. It’s up to you how much information you tell us to get started.

We have two levels of service. After a consultation call we’ll direct you on how to put everything in place yourself. That meanings putting you in touch with advisers, banks, lawyers and other experts to get you started building your offshore fortress.

Alternatively we can take care of everything for you. We  will put together a full, step by step plan for you to approve.


After you approve it our team will co-ordinate everything.


We’ll put in place the full structure, complete with legal agreements and make sure we build a rock solid foundation for you and your assets.

If you’d like to get started book a call with Henry Hill now. The call will last for up to 30 minutes and the price includes unlimited email questions for the month after the call.

If you'd like to use our full service, schedule a call first and we'll deduct the cost from your first invoice.

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